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Mr President, Why Aren't You Acting the Way You Should
 Are You Covering Up for Another Global Agenda?












Another Global Agenda

Safe Win/Win Solutions That Work That Government is Not Doing

And The Media Won't Talk About

Malicious Harm Against People and the Environment

We Need a President Who Catnaps on a Cot 24/7

Mr. Obama, are you going to become a real leader, or continue to be a mere passive observer of the greatest man-made catastrophe in human history?

You as our president should be operating 24/7 in a Louisiana command center, catching catnaps on a cot until our Gulf disaster and its attendant problems are solved.

Enough with your bored detachment, we need real leadership right now.

What has happened – and is still happening – in the Gulf is an outrage. Show some passion, sir. Show some positive emotional response to this unbelievable international crime that will fire you and others into effective action.

This is no time for passivity,  gullibility, or to hear and see you stuttering through yet another of your tiring teleprompter readings of junk written by others.

You have access to the best resources in the world to fight this growing disaster. Use them or lose our country.

You are failing your rites of passage as a national and international leader, Mr. Obama. Buck-up and rise to the occasion, or you’ll not much longer deserve the appellation of Mr. President.

You have appeared to be so utterly clueless and out of the loop that you don’t seem to understand the magnitude of the problem we are facing.

Dynamic is hardly a word that would describe you or your administration, thus far. Make up for lost time, sir, by moving your headquarters to the Gulf Coast, and from there begin acting like a real leader.

Immediately, arrest all government regulators and oil executives who were a party to the dumping of hundreds of thousands of gallons of the extremely toxic chemical dispersant, Corexit 9500, that has made toxic crude oil poisonous to all life in the Gulf and on its shores.

Commandeer all British Petroleum (BP) tankers,  with the US Navy, and use those ships to vacuum up surface oil.

Send military police to every oil rig in American waters and shut them down, until you can get a handle on why our regulatory officials have so badly failed in their responsibilities.

Sign no bills. Attend no parties or fund-raising events. Put petty politics out of your mind. Allow no more advice on how we must drop atomic bombs on North Korea or Iran.

Tell Israel to stuff it, or you’ll expose the Anti-Defamation League, the American-Israeli Political Action Committee, and the Southern Poverty Law Center for the traitors they are.  

Conduct a non-stop assault on the greatest man-made tragedy of all time. Bring us the “change we can believe in” that you promised us.

Bring home our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, and deploy them along the Gulf Coast to clean up the mess and set protective booms.

Begin criminal investigations of all corporations and governmental agencies that had anything to do with causing this Gulf disaster. These people have already criminally wasted enough of our time. Now, the time they deserved is 25 years to life in a federal penitentiary.

Bring in the best experts in the world to propose solutions on how to both cap the gusher(s) of oil, and to clear the guck impacting our shores.

It’s well beyond time you shook off the shackles that have so long controlled you, Mr. Obama; and took control of yourself, your administration, and the unprecedented disaster in the Gulf, thus earning the title of Mr. President.

And please, Mr. President, stop calling this violent volcano of oil a spill or a leak.

J. Speer-Williams

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