The Whole Truth George Washington, The Revolution is Not Over Because the Truth Hurts

The Citizens America Party is a Foundational and Educational Site to Shine the Light on The Three Great Hurts That Are Being Played Out on the World:   The 9/11 Big Lie, the "War on Terror" and Global Zionism which We Consider Simply Non-Human

"These 'wars' are a hoax designed to enrich the US armaments industry and to infuse the 'security forces' with police powers
 over American citizenry
" – Paul Craig Roberts

9/11 Was An Inside Job * War, Debt and Taxes * Global Zionism

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STOP Communist Takeover of the
 United States of America










"Operation Eliminate 2A (Second Amendment) Movement"
A Special Report


Virginia January 20, 2020 Pro
 Second Amendment Rally

Rally Talks at 2:51


Only True Independents Need Apply

• The immediate nationwide moratorium on the military deployment of 5G roll-out and buildout of the Internet of Things;
More here

• The immediate termination of chemical geoengineering via chemtrails and HAARP-level frequency generators—nationwide

• The immediate cessation of all wars involving the U.S. Armed Forces and foreign proxies and/or mercenaries employed
by the U.S. Military

• The immediate closing of all open borders to illegal aliens and immediate cessation of illegal immigration which includes a suspension of DACA

• The immediate termination of all infanticide abortions conducted in the USA as well as a temporary suspension of all elective abortions

• The immediate termination of all childhood vaccination programs in all 50 states

• The immediate suspension of all water fluoridation operations in every city and county in America

• The immediate cessation of the proliferation of all GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in agriculture throughout the United States of America.  [It is a 'silent war' in all nations and on all natural Life.]

• The immediate suspension of all scientific experimentation in the realm of directed energy weapons, artificial intelligence, and transhumanism

• The immediate disengagement of the American Republic from the United Nations, Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and every other globalist organization that advances the New World Order agenda

"The other priority presidential initiatives include the disestablishment of the Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department Homeland Security. Similarly, the Internal Revenue Service must be permanently dissolved and the Federal Reserve System shut down for the good of the Republic. Likewise, the U.S. Department of Justice requires a complete re-chartering of its central mission and re-structuring of the organization which now protects the most dangerous criminals on Earth while the U.S. Attorney General prosecutes the most courageous whistleblowers and honest truth-speakers. All of these sweeping endeavors will commence on Inauguration Day; therefore, the eligible candidate will be fully prepared to begin executing each of them."

Article here

America First Pledge

Eliminate Israel and Zionists as the Colonial Master of America

Brother Nathanael Presidential Platform

"Make America Sane"

Stand Under the Original Constitutional Law of This Country
 Called the “Substantive Law”

“So instead of giving the enemies of our country a chance to cause trouble, don’t go to any pro-gun rights rally in Virginia or anywhere else— exercise your exemption from gun-grabbing legislation directly and make it official.

"There’s no reason to fight over something that you already have — your guaranteed right to keep and bear arms."

Article here

"There’s just a need to declare who you are and which law you are standing under.  Go to:

"and get started today."

The Sixteenth Amendment was Never Ratified

Income Taxes are a Fraud

Understand More on Your Constitutional Standing -- Start at:  08:20

"Come Home to America" (Through Your Standing)

*Retain your Right to 'Keep and Bear Arms'

*Quit Paying Income Taxes


More on Prayer Here

Satanic Overlords The Enemy Within

“Humanity gave its power to the Military, who gave it to the Intelligence Community,
 who gave it to the Black Magicians, who gave it to the Demons, who gave it AI.”

"Hell's Brigade" Waging a War on America

Operation "Red Snapper" Nuclear Alert

The Attack on Us
The Californian and Australian Experience

“America gave up its sovereignty to become a colony of Israel and Australians, New Zealanders and Canadians are giving up their descendants' freedom to the Chinese government” – A Satanist speaks