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How BP-Goldman Sachs Eco-Corporate
 Terrorism Can Kill Millions

"The Sunshine State only averages about 6 inches above sea level. A supersonic tsunami would literally sweep away everything from Miami to the panhandle in a matter of minutes. Loss of human life would be virtually instantaneous and measured in the millions. Of course the states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and southern region of Georgia--a state with no Gulf coastline--would also experience tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of casualties."

What Do You Do When  "They Don't Want to Stop the Leak"

Citizen Action:

Enough of This Crap, This Note's For You

Corporate Atrocities Against Nature May Ultimately Destroy Human Civilization









*Malicious Harm Against People and the Environment

A Hard Lesson Get ALL Business Out of Government As it Should Be

*Government Not Doing Everything It Can 
Why Won't You Act, Mr President?

*These Solutions Work Get Your Congressman to Make it Happen

*Is there Another Agenda? 

Check Out an Interlocking Crime of International Proportions

BP Chairman is Goldman Sachs Chairman (Get the Picture?)

"We cannot allow the same bankers and oil corporations Goldman Sachs and British Petroleum in particular to make the decisions, to control government and this All-Humanity life-and-death crisis.  We cannot afford their extortion of interest and their gouging of monopoly profit from every disaster as they have in so many recent decades.”  Arthur Strahler

What They are Not Telling You and What You Need to Know

“The spill, if not rapidly controlled, ‘will destroy the entire coastline of the United States.’ 

Other satellite imagery reportedly being withheld by the Obama administration, shows that what lies under the gaping chasm spewing oil at an ever-alarming rate is a cavern estimated to be the size of Mount Everest. This information has been given an almost national security-level classification to keep it from the public, according to Madsen's sources.”

BP-Goldman Sachs is Killing the Planet Militaries from Other Countries Should Over-Ride These Imbeciles and Mobilize in the Gulf to Suck Up the Oil in Vast Numbers to Save the Planet

“Whatever their game [BP-Goldman Sachs] it is time to get them out of the drivers seat and send them to the back of the bus.

The big point is this.  If the vent cannot be stopped
[for the next 30 years] then we must make it the one reservoir for the world's oil.  We must create a giant holders a geodisic dome, a giant bag or blimp  and this must be the source of all of our oil.  We should mobilize to hold the oil and keep it from mixing outside the holding container.  Large pipes -- as big as car tunnels should take the oil to shore from where it will be distributed to the world.  We must settle on the fact that oil must be our energy source from here on out. We are stuck with oil/ 

It should be priority one  -- industry of the world should react as if all other sources of oil had disappeared from the planet and capturing this gulf leak oil was the only source remaining to mankind." Dick Eastman

Don't Believe Any of Their  Deceptive "Feel Good" Ads

"Anyone who would trust an oil company executive or spokesman today could probably be declared legally insane. I mean think about it just one moment and ask yourself when have they ever told us the truth? They always under-report the size of a spill and the danger to animals and workers. In the case of the Exxon Valdez it has been 20 years and only 1/10 of the claims have been handled. Less than 4% of the oil was recovered. Ask anyone associated with fishing in Prince William Sound and they will tell you that the mess was never cleaned up."  Oil industry insider talks about BP corruption and greed

Spokesman and Chief Sold His Shares Before Disaster

What's Really Going on Out There


Making it All a Thousand Times Worse Using Deadly Corexit Dispersant

What the Animals are Picking Up

BP Doing Everything Wrong

Kick These Bloody British Lying Pigs Off the Planet  /  A Reckless Company

They are Just Fooling You: They Have Lied
 and Delayed Solutions from Being
 Implemented from Day 1

  and Still Are

Now They Are Trying to Control
 Search Engine Results
About Their Lying

Cold-Blooded Company Forces Traumatized Survivors to Sign Waivers

More BP Cruelty:  Burning Sea Turtles

Benzene Exposure in the Gulf of Mexico Blow Out

The Imbeciles Who Run the World:

BP-Zionist Rothschild-Rockefeller-
Goldman Sachs

Their Crack in the Earth

BP, Halliburton and Transocean Have Unleashed Armageddon

North America Faces Years of Toxic Oil Rain from BP Oil Spill Chemical Dispersants

"As the water in the Gulf of Mexico heats up, Corexit 9500 goes through a molecular transition. It changes from a liquid to a gas, which is readily absorbed by clouds and released as toxic rain. The chemical-laden rain then falls on crops, reservoirs, animals and of course, people.

"What makes ‘Corexit rain’ so frightening are the carcinogens it will leave behind on everything is touches. Acid rain will be considered genial after it is inevitably replaced by the far more virulent ‘Corexit rain.’

"It is futile to believe that we can keep ‘Corexit rain’ from occurring - it has
already been released and the molecular transformation has begun. We have set off an unprecedented chain of events in nature that we cannot control.

"By releasing Pandora’s well from the depths and allowing it bleed into the sea at
a rate of 2.7 million gallons of oil a day,the unimaginable becomes material.

"Yet unlike a bad dream, we will not wake up from this nightmare and find it gone. The BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill will be touching millions of earth’s life forms for uncountable years."

Some Things Are Hard To Prove Even With Proof
Don't Let Our Poisoned Gulf Be Another Such Enigma

"In a New York Times article it states, " Corexit 9500 and 9527 more than 1.1 million gallons of which has been sprayed in [to the] Gulf since the disaster began."

"So quick to dump over a million gallons of Corexit, BP must have expected a blow-out. Otherwise, how did over a million gallons of Corexit just happen to be available for the Gulf of Mexico?  

"Can we even visualize a million gallons of anything? Think about how many months it would take anyone to manufacture a million gallons of chemical dispersants, especially something as lethal as Corexit 9500 or 9527.  

"Corexit kills all life from the bottom of life's chain to the top; it kills everything from microorganisms and algae to human beings. 

"Years ago, even Exxon put out a report outlining the lethal dangers of Corexit entitled, "Acute Aquatic Toxicity of Three Corexit Products: An Overview."

A Dangerous Development

Oil and Gas Leaks From Cracks in Seabed Confirmed Videos Show Gulf Oil

Something Wrong With This  Behavior
(What Are They Up To?)

"Obama’s unwillingness to push aside BP and take government charge of the operation makes him an accomplice to the environmental disaster. For example, in order that BP be allowed to remain at the helm, Obama has given them professional credibility where none should exist — “they have the expertise and technology,” etc.  BP’s actions prior to the spill constitute criminal negligence.  The comments of BP’s CEO since the spill undoubtedly prove that the company views the disaster as more of an inconvenience, to be handled at their leisure."  

Article here

"Despite the vow by President Obama to keep the Gulf oil spill a top priority until the damage is cleaned up, 50 days after the BP rig exploded, a definitive date and meaningful solution is yet to be determined for the worst oil spill in the U.S. history.

"So, you would think if someone is willing to handle the clean-up with equipment and technology not available in the U.S., and finishes the job in shorter time than the current estimate, the U.S. should jump on the offer. 

"But it turned out to be quite the opposite." 

Article here


Evil People with Evil Agenda Afoot





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